How to pile up Large Diameter Spiral Steel Pipe

Only precision welded pipe to hit the burr. Such a spiral welded pipe construction process of welding the line energy generated by the small,Straight Seam Steel Pipe Common Problems and Preventing Measures Articles the influence of the base metal heat affected zone is also small. Multi-wire welding after the former wire on the wire can play a role in eliminating the stress generated when welding, thereby improving the mechanical properties of the pipe. Control of squeezing force: After the two edges of the tube are heated to the welding temperature, the common metal grains are formed to penetrate and crystallize under the extrusion of the squeezing roller, and finally the solid weld is formed. If the extrusion pressure is too small, the formation of a small number of common crystals, weld metal strength decreased, the force will produce cracking; if the extrusion force is too large, will make the molten metal is extruded out of the weld, The weld strength, and will produce a lot of internal and external burrs, and even welding seam and other defects caused.

The role of straight seam steel solution treatment:
1, The straight seam welded pipe organization and composition of uniform, which is particularly important raw materials, because the straight seam welded pipe sections of the rolling temperature and steel doors and windows cooling rate is not the same, resulting in inconsistent organizational structure. At high temperatures, the atomic activity increases, dissolution, chemical composition tends to uniform, rapid cooling after the uniform single-phase organization.
2, To eliminate the hardening proces

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