Climate Modification: Ways to Prevent

Climate modification is essentially the excessive heating of the planet, which results in dramatic climatic changes. So, are there ways to prevent climate modification?

Ways to Prevent Climate Modification

In many ways, the climate modification debate is benefiting from the current highly volatile issues concerning energy. The world wide industrial revolution has been powered by coal and oil.

While coal is available in many countries, oil is not. Circumstances being what they are, the largest concentrations of oil are found in areas with significant political and armed conflict.

One needs only look at the situation in Iraq to understand this fact. With the growing China economy, there now seems to be a universal understanding that oil alternatives are necessary.

Perhaps proving the concept of Karma, nearly all oil alternatives are favorable ways to reduce climate modification. Whether we are talking about hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal or even nuclear energy, each alternative power source produces significantly less pollution than classic fossil fuels. Less pollution is the key for one very simple reason.

A major byproduct of using fossil fuels for energy is the much discussed greenhouse gas. Whether using oil to produce electricity or just to gas up the car, the use of this medium produces carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is a major greenhouse gas. Reducing the volume of it in the atmosphere will greatly reduce the greenhouse effect. As our energy production evolves away from oil, we should see improvements in the atmosphere. The bigger issue, of course, is whether we will get around to this anytime soon.

A second major way to prevent climate modification is to stop deforestation. Vast forests, such as the one found in the Amazon River Basin in South America are being clear cut.

This has a devastating impact on climate modification. Nature being what it is, it has a natural method for filtering harmful gases such as carbon dioxide out of the air. It does this through photosynthesis with plants. Dense, huge forests are the biggest and best filters of carbon dioxide.

By cutting them down, we reduce the ability of the planet to filter out the bad gases while we continue to pump more of the gases into the atmosphere. Any way you measure it, it is a formula destined to cause trouble.

Are there ways to prevent climate modification? Yes. We need to kick our oil habit and stop wiping out our forest areas.

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